5 Things Only You Are Judging About Yourself

Thought Catalog

1. Your clothing

Unless you show up to a The Dark Knight-style ballroom gala in a penguin costume covered in maggots, I am not going to notice or judge what you’re wearing. No one is scrutinizing your clothing choices as much as you are, I promise you.

The amount of times I’ve spent 12,000 years figuring out the perfect outfit and then was late to the party and missed something awesome were not worth it. Stop having anxiety over wearing the “right” thing. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in and get out your door and into life. If people like what you’re wearing, cool bonus, but it won’t make you more interesting, or funnier, or smarter.

That being said, if you love fashion, go for it. By all means, enjoy dressing nicely or in a certain way. But otherwise, I promise you no one is stressing your clothing as much…

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